Emmy Eats Israel, again, and again, and again…

Small country! Much food! And Youtuber Emmy, who specializes in eating food from around the world, seems hell bent on eating everything Israel has to offer. Seriously. Above is the first time she “ate Israel” and I giuess she so enjoyed herself that she did three more episodes eating different foods from Israel sent to her by her fans. In doing so, Emmy has effectively documented almost every food, both modern and traditional, available in Israel. These videos will serve as a valuable learning tool for all those future anthropologists. Also this is good for those of who are not in Israel and miss all the goofy food you ate when you were there on your Birthright Israel trip or whatever. This series currently has 5 parts. The latest was published in late July, 2015.

Here’s Part 2

And here’s Part 3

And finally part 4! Holy cow Emmy!

I spoke too soon. Emily just released part 5. I’m pretty sure she’ll keep eating as long as people keep sending her food.



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