10 Years of “Hey!” – Now in HD

Ten is a lifetime in Internet years. So much has happened in that time, it often boggles the mind. For instance, 10 years ago YouTube was run out of an office above a pizza joint in San Mateo, California and had not yet been acquired by Google. The most popular videos were user generated and at the top of the list of most viewed videos was a lip sync video by two Israeli teenagers who called themselves Tasha and Dishka. Racking up 5 million, then 10 million, then 25 million views the clip, featuring a track by the Pixies, was a perennial and highly improbable presence on the YouTube homepage. Once Google purchased the site it became the world’s premier video streaming service, often used to promote mega music stars who in turn racked up hundreds of millions of views per clip. Tasha and Dishka’s “Hey!” clip slipped away. However, its historical importance and key role in helping YouTube become what it is today, is beyond doubt.

Recently Tasha and Dishka released a high quality version of “Hey!” and we present it here in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. Also, when the Pixies finally made it to Israel, performing despite pressure from BDS assholes, they met the girls and even featured them in an official Pixies video:

One of our fave Tasha and Dishka videos is this one that promotes Birthright Israel. Enjoy! And if you’re Jewish, between the ages of 18-26 and haven’t been to Israel yet, register today for your free trip to Israel! But watch the video first…


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