Jewish Monkeys Do Some Awesome Covers

We wrote about the Jewish Monkeys, like, a million years ago. Ok. It was only three or so years ago. We told you how awesomely cool they were. Since then they’ve been touring in the UK and Germany because I guess Europeans have a taste for the esoteric and anything that is reminiscent of their decimated Jewish community. They’ve also done a few shows in Israel but other than that… not much. You would think they’d be touring all over the US and Canada, right? You would think that Yiddish infused Klezmer/Blakan music with a wicked pop sensibility would sell like hot cakes, right? But I guess the Jewish Monkeys are too cool for Jews. Like, let’s look at this cover of “Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick.” This song was originally performed by Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Who? Oh. Only like, the most important new wave band of the 80s. But see? Y’all are just not informed enough to appreciate the Jewish Monkeys. As it is, they seem to perform more for non-Jews than for Jews – I can’t really see them performing at a Los Angeles Young Adult Division Federation Mixer. I just can’t see it. As an added bonus, we’re including the Jewish Monkey’s cover of the Violent Femme’s “Add it Up.” What? Oh yeah. You have no idea who that is either. Why do I bother?

You can find out more about the Jewish Monkeys on their Web site, their Facebook Page or their YouTube channel. Go. Learn something putz.


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