MexiKosher Span-Hebrish Chicas!

I can’t say I know what’s going on here exactly. I know Kosha Dillz shot this video on Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles in front of MexiKosher – an actually really good by any standard Mexican burrito joint. I know the lead latina dancer woman is wearing a Star of David pendant. Then there’s a break dancing Hassid – that’s Dean van Schalkwyk aka Dean Risko who I assure you isn’t an actual Hassid. He’s an LA transplant from South Africa and a damned good rapper. I wonder what circumstances conspired to get him to appear in Kosha’s video as a Hassid. I want to hear that story! And finally, the video features actor Louis Lombardi who you may remember from The Sopranos and from movies like Beer League, The Usual Suspects, Natural Born Killers, Suicide Kings, Beverly Hills Cop III, The Animal, Spider-Man 2, 3000 Miles to Graceland, and The Spirit,Battleship. What? Seriously. I have no idea. But when you have a video featuring Kosha Dillz, Pico Robertson, Magen David wearin babes and a break dancing Hassid – it just HAS to appear on JewTube. It’s an imperative that I just can’t control.

When Kosha comes back to school, his “What I did this summer” presentation will feature stories culled from performing on the Vans Warped Tour. Huzzah to the hardest working Jew in LA.

Besides appearing on a video with Matt Bar like, 5 minutes ago, Kosha had some words to say about being a Jewish artist in light of the whole Matisyahu-banned-in-Spain-then-not-banned controversy. He wrote on Facebook:

The sad truth about the incident with matisyahu is that the same thing actually happens to me all the time, except by Jews, as well as other people like the Festival directors in Spain, who are under the impression of “knowing everything” about the Israel / Palestine conflict. Since I am not as popular, I am just blacklisted. It happens a lot more than you think, to many people like myself, especially in hip hop. I don’t think you may understand the true meaning of being a “Jew” until you wear it on your sleeve. For that reason I continue to wear it.

For that piece of from the heart frankness one commenter called him a nazi. Nice. Oh – today’s Kosha’s birthday too. Total coincidence I promise.


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