Apples and Honey are Good

This is the newest clip from Erez Cohen and his crew, the guys that brought to you Purim’s Shushan Funk. This time around, we have a parody of Andy Grammer’s “Honey I’m Good (41 million views on YouTube)!” Apparently even Kosha Dillz is in here somewhere too. Jeepers! That guy is everywhere. Now I am not a big fan of cloying pop music and a “parody” of such will not necessarily transcend the genre. Erez’s cover however is pitch perfect and it’s hard to be all cynical given how happy he looks and all that. But you be the judge – will this clip ride on the success of the original and be the season’s breakout Rosh Hashanah video? Sigh. Probably. Happy New Year! Woo!


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