Round Challah – (Parody of Cheerleader by OMI)

“Niedernation” brings us a Rosh Hashanah parody of Cheerleader by OMI. OMI’s three year old mix of an even older song spent 6 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 this year making it the song of the summer based on its chart performance. But let’s face it – Cheerleader is a shit song atop a shit heap of other shit songs that make the summer of 2015 one of the most insipid in recent pop music history.

Now, this parody has no souped up vintage Caddies, no hoochie cheerleaders dancing at a gorgeous beach – none of that. The “beach” here clearly belongs to some summer camp at the end of its sad season but, the challah is indeed round. The lyrics are certainly clever and I am ever so thankful that Niedernation decided not to do a parody of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood.

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