Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival 2015

The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival ended last week with an epicly scenic and soulful final prayer at the Tower of David featuring a performance by Shaanan Streett (Hadag Nchash), Saz and special guest, Matisyahu. The Festival features artists from a diverse range of faiths performing spiritually tinged music within the confines of Jerusalem’s Old City, a site sacred to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The organizers released a final statement:

Dear friends,
The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival ended on Friday after a week in which utopia was offered the chance to burst through the city’s daily reality. It was amazing! Magical! Sacred! A huge thank you to all the believers who participated, from near and far. To all those who observed, listened and ensured that all the performances were filled to capacity. To all the production staff who made it possible. To Jerusalem which shakes us up and offers us both sweetness and a sting, inspires us and convinces us that despite all the challenges and the background noise, there can be harmony. To ensure that this song, which we sang with power and humility, continues to resonate from the city and the surrounding hills, we present the final prayer of the festival as sung by Shaanan Streett, Saz and special guest, Matisyahu.
Please share, it’s good for the soul!

Check out more JSMF videos on their YouTube page.


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