Death of a Stone-Thrower: Intifada 3.0 (Dispatch 4)

Vice reports: “Tension builds in Israel and the West Bank with three new stabbing attacks on Israelis reported on Saturday, and the funeral for a young Palestinian stone-thrower killed by Israeli forces in Nablus. VICE News attends the funeral, where grief turns to rage and calls for revenge.”

The video begins at Rafidia Hospital in Nablus where the body of the latest Shahid, Ehab Hanani, is about to be transported to his home village for burial. The mourners chant raucously about a million martyrs ready to descend upon Jerusalem. At Beit Furik, militants greet the body with shouts of Allah Hu Akbar and calls for revenge and the slaughter of Jews. But it seems that shiny, prosperous Israel is the recipient of God’s favor and that despite the calls for revenge, all the guns are pointed in the air. Everyone praises the martyr. Despite the wish for freedom and independence, the current course of action will lead instead to just more martyrdom. Don’t bother looking for logic here …

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