Matisyahu Performs in Jerusalem

Last night, Matisyahu performed at the Sultan’s Pools in Jerusalem with Idan Raichel. The show was a bit of a homecoming after all the drama with this summer’s Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival, where he was dis-invited for not making a statement in favor of Palestine and then re-invited after a massive international uproar. We don’t have much footage of the Jerusalem show but we do have footage of the entire Sunsplash concert above.

Matisyahu of course went through the usual media scrum and was interviewed on Israel radio by Moshe Morad who went through Matisyahu’s entire career in 49 minutes in both English and Hebrew.

Matisyahu even managed a meeting with former President Shimon Peres where he managed to discuss the aforementioned Sunsplash imbroglio for a minute or two. Matisyahu also told folks that it’s important to come to Israel, even during the current difficulties:

Here he was interviewed by Ayman Sikseck of i24 News:

Below are some fan clips from the show:

And here he is singing Jerusalem, in Jerusalem. Woo!:


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