Petite Meller: The Flute

This song was released late last summer and achieved impressive success in Europe. Its light hearted, house driven beats typify the most recent work of Petite Meller – billed as a quirky French chanteuse and described as an Aryan pedophile’s dream come true à la Yolandi from Die Antwoord. And yes, Petite was born in France, but what hardly gets mentioned is that she spent most of her formative years in Israel being raised in an academic household, attending University and performing in a pretty popular Israeli band called Terry Poison. Her solo work with major music label Island Records, differs greatly from the electro orientation of Terry Poison, and her Euro-cred reflects the fact that she is currently living in Europe and pursuing post doctoral study in Philosophy. Sort of. Google it if you want more details. Another explanation behind the lack of barely any mention of her strong Israeli background in her PR materials might be a reflection of the current international mood that is as reflexively critical of anything Israel-related as it has ever been. Still – there’s something naive, life affirming and optimistic about her music. Stupid accusations of cultural appropriation aside, the Mongolian imagery in “The Flute” is flat out gorgeous. Her music is the perfect antidote to the much feared dark days ahead and I will play a Meller track whenever I get depressed reading my Facebook feed celebrating “Orange is the New Black.” So expect more from Meller on JewTube yo!


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