Jerusalem’s Vegetable Market Turns into an Open Air Rave?!

When the place you buy vegetables at is also the place you party at… It’s like imagine dancing and getting drunk at Whole Foods. That would be weird, but in Jerusalem, it actually works out pretty good. Pretty, pretty good. See, many people visit Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market – it is after all Israel’s largest open air market, or “shuk” as the locals call it. It contains a wide variety of locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables, spices, baked goods, fresh meat and fish etc. But at night it becomes Jerusalem’s premier dining, drinking and entertainment destination. And if you come here during a festive holiday like Israel Independence Day or Purim – the place turns into Coachella for the Jews practically. Thousands of people throng here and fill up every alleyway, dancing on tables used to displaying produce. It’s a trip that most tourists don’t know about. Next time you’re in Jerusalem, check it out – there’s nothing like it anywhere else in the world – it’s more fun than Tel Aviv even! It’s right off the light rail so the Shuk is easy to get to and once there, you’ll have an insane number of places to hang out in or grab a meal at. You can read more on Jewlicious but yeah. Go there!


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