When “Jewish” Music becomes too Sappy: Atzmus to the rescue

The lead singer looks like a Chabad Rabbi. The backup band could easily be mistaken for Latino gangbangers if it weren’t for the occasional peak at swinging tzitzis… When the overall saccharine nature of “Jewish” music gets to be too much, I always turn to Atzmus, a Jewish-Argentinean heavy metal band for relief – and they never disappoint. Ser Humano (Human Being) is their most recent video, released to YouTube on August 2016, I suck for not posting it way earlier. But it’s here. Give it a listen, visit their YouTube channel for more and prepare to rock out with your uh… kippah out. Pro tip: They publish their lyrics in the video description – use Google translate (lyrics are in Spanish) for some trippy, moving messianic messages!


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