Stellar Nova Blows Up Food for Passover

Usually as Passover approaches, we are either cleaning out our house from food that’s not kosher for Passover, or buying food that is kosher for Passover… and on Passover itself, we eat and eat and eat. Stellar Nova however, does things differently. First of all they create gender-balanced games and stories to inspire kids to enjoy and explore with engaging, age-appropriate, and interactive products in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Also, for every book you buy from them, they donate a book to a kid in need. Finally, not one of the people in charge look like Albert Einstein. What!? I know, that’s crazy!

So for Passover, Dr. Mom – the Chief Scientist at Stellar Nova decided to blow up Passover food using science! Don’t worry, it was just some potato and some geffilte fish, and it was for science so nothing was wasted. Fun, educational and pretty darn original for Passover. Special props go to Tzofi, Dr. Mom’s assistant. Dr. Mom has a PhD in Organic Chemistry. I was going to say that Tzofi has a PhD in cute but that’s like… lame. She demonstrated scientific curiosity, joie de vivre and a no-nonsense personality. That’s not “cute.” That’s a future astronaut, yo! Watch the video, visit the site, tell all your friends.

Oh, and happy Passover!


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