Forget Sh*t Weather: Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

In the US, the weather in many states is absolutely frightful. The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings, winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories that cover northern Kansas, central and eastern Nebraska, southeastern South Dakota, southern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. High wind warnings cover much of Kansas. In the gulf region, a flash flood watch is in effect across south Mississippi and southeast Louisiana, and rainfall exceeding 6 inches is possible in some areas where multiple bands of thunderstorms may intersect. To top it off, a tornado watch was also in effect in those areas!

But here in Israel, it’s just glorious. As such, I took a quick hop to Tel Aviv, just to film the beach for those of you who might benefit from images of warmth. The beach I visited was Hilton Beach, so called because of its proximity to the Hilton Hotel. It was beautiful, and warm and everything. I hope this helps you get through whatever weather horrors sends you way.

I should also add that the track on this video, Head in the Clouds, is by a talented rapper called Bohdi. Check him out on SoundCloud. No seriously, do it.


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