Sucar Bike Trail Israel: Sick!

Sucar (Sugar) bike trail has been described by some as the best bike trail in Israel. But that description does it no justice at all. Sucar is an ancient trade route used to transport spices and other tradeable goods up from the Dead Sea to Jerusalem. It’s about 22 km long and drops about 1200 meters during the ride. You start out near Ma’aleh Adumim and finish at Almog. Rafael, Eli and Haim (who submitted this) recorded their ride using a Garmin device which kept track of their elevation and speed. These crazy guys were going up to 50 km an hour and the footage was both breathtaking and nausea inducing. I so have to go do this myself. A quick Google search will find several similar videos as well as tour operators who can help arrange a ride on this and other sick Mountain Bike single tracks. This is a part of Israel few get to see and even fewer get to experience. Enjoy the video and thanks for the upload Haim! I’m fucking jealous as all hell.


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