Unhappy Women – Mudbira by A-WA

This clip by Israeli group A-WA is amazing on a number of levels – you can get a glimpse of that in the comments where fans from across the Middle East, Muslims, Christians and Jews, heap praise upon the Haim sisters and their latest trac k – which is apparently already a hit in Yemen!

Mudbira in Yemenite dialog means “miserable woman.” In this clip we see a group of women, who have no men to protect them, tending to their modest flock of goats. Suddenly, a group of men, taking advantage of the unprotected women, come and steal their goats. Finding themselves in a pickle, the women recruit a group of dancing boys to drive them to the camp of the thieves. Using their feminine wiles and disguised as servers, they get close to the men. There they feed them poisoned dates and, f*ck them up!

It’s an women in the middle east empowerment thing. Or a warning not to mess with the Haim sisters. Either way, it’s awesome. Now you can enjoy it without having to learn Arabic! Make sure to open the captions which translate the song into English.


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