Jews Talking about Jews While Eating

What happens when you organize three Shabbat meals, with food made by three celebrity chefs and a guest list made up of Hollywood actors, comedians, a Rabbi, the head of the ADL, random activists and more? And then you ask them to discuss the most pressing issues of contemporary American Jewry? Well it will look something like this video clip I imagine. I totally appreciate the boldness and audacity of this project, but… well, if I had my dream list of dinner guests, and put them all together for one night, the end result would be a lot more uhm… rollicking. It would¬† make this video look safe, selectively edited and sanitized. Which it probably was in order to promote some kind of feel good agenda. But it’s still worth a looksee! I mean, Ilana Glazer? I’d watch her read a phone book. Head of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt? That guy has some awesome Jewish Moby energy. Rabbi Sharon Brous? She is always so well spoken and reasonable sounding. OK. Stop reading, watch the clip and tell me what you think.


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