Israel, You’re Not Alone

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Oh Christians who support Israel… On the one hand, they support Israel. Thanks! On the other hand they’re, you know, Christians. I mean we appreciate the support and we respect their beliefs even though we don’t share them. Most of

Two Muslims Get Married in Israel

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Check out the bride’s dress. Seriously. Otherwise, kumbaya my lord. Kumbaya! Oh yeah. The bride used to be Jewish and converted. Yawn. Some Jews are upset about this mixed marriage and the bride’s father had no plans to attend the

LA Boyfriend Casting Call

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Jessie Kahnweiler is single, Jewish and lives in LA. Tired of being single she did the obvious thing – hold an open casting call for the role of “Jessie’s Boyfriend.” But what at first seems like the obvious thing sometimes

Don’t Mess With The Diamond District

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Pro Hamas supporters thought it might be a good idea to hold an anti-Israel march through New York’s predominantly Jewish Diamond District. Such an act is in and of itself provocative, but when you add in chants “From the River

Joan Rivers Opines About Gaza Situation

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Look, it probably comes as no surprise that pretty much everyone involved in this site is pro-Israel and pro-Zionist. But it’s safe to say that none of us takes pleasure in the death and destruction going on in Gaza right

Nazis Getting Beat to Punk Track!

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This video features Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall fame as a Nazi singer. He and his Fascist friends get the shit kicked out of them. The music is a track called “Red, White and Black” by a band

Howard Stern Talks about Hamas

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Well… “talks” may perhaps not be so accurate, but he sure seems sincere when he excoriates Roger Waters, talks about Israeli history and brings it home with respect to Hamas.

Jon Stewart Tries to Talk About Israel

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In a week that saw Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show speak harsh words about Israel’s current operation in Gaza, many expressed opinions about Stewart that were equally harsh. Even Hillary Clinton, who appeared on the show, felt

Karolina and Boom Pam Cover Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog

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Middle East inflected covers of beloved rock standards seems to be a growing industry for the Start Up Nation. Enjoy this video featuring Karolina and Boom Pam, mainstays in Israel’s alternative music scene. If you’ve ever wondered what Led Zeppelin

“Jew, Jew, coward pig, get out and fight on your own” – Jew hatred from Berlin


First the Berlin anti-Israel protesters yelled “Allah Hu Akbar!” And yeah, I can get behind that as God is indeed great, right? Right! But then they yelled something about Jews being coward pigs. That was not so good. Especially given

Hamas Rockets Inspire One Day Cover

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Sara Merson, a resident of the southern Israeli town of Ashdod wrote about this cover of Matisyahu’s One Day: Some things that have been going on here in the past week. I didn’t take all the video, but everything is

JDate creates 2 new cringe-worthy videos and one OK one

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Who doesn’t know JDate? That’s the “Jewish” dating for people looking to meet, date, shtup and maybe even marry Jews. You don’t have to be Jewish to use JDate (so much for that continuity thing) and thus JDate contains a