All Other Nights: New Passover Vid

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So we got an email that said, in part: “When she heard Kanye West’s “All of the Lights,” 26-year-old Rebecca Adelson also thought she heard a common phrase recited at the Seder table on Pesach. Three years later, and through

Purim 2014 in Jerusalem – Post Hangover Video

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Purim in Jerusalem this year was totally off the hook. Parties and events took place from Monday night to Sunday at First Station, Betzalel Academy on Mt. Scopus, Machaneh Yehudah, Safra Square, Mamilah, Downtown, the Tower of David, Sacher Park

Jason Bateman on Daily Show Discusses Yiddish and Passover

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Jason Bateman knows his Yiddish and has even been to a Passover Seder! The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook Note the discussion on the term Chazerei – Bateman said it meant “garbage”

The Seven Women You Meet on JDate

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Well… at least the Jewish ones. Jason Horton, self-desribed “world’s only white male comedian brings us 1. The Agent Mogul; 2. The Persian Princess; 3. The Israeli Soldier; 4. The Girl from Camp; 5. The Crude Comedian; 6. The Neurotic

I’ve Never Seen Israel Like This Before!

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Vasily Patrakov and Alex Chigretskiy spent two weeks visiting Israel. And when I say “visiting” I mean jumping from rooftop to rooftop in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. And instead of sharing with us boring pictures of the Dead Sea and

Happy Tel-Aviv

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This video is a tribute to Pharrell Williams’s song “Happy” from Tel Aviv-Yafo. Why is everyone so happy? Well, because the weather is lovely, there’s the beach, cafés everywhere, what’s not to be happy about? Of course the video can’t

They Tried To Kill Us (We Survived, Let’s Eat!)

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If you want to know what Passover is about then please don’t pay attention to this video. It’s funny because it is totally wrong in every possible way. Performed by Sean Altman, #TTTKUWSLE summarizes the essential elements of the Passover

Jews, Germans and the Metric System


Comedian Steve Hofstetter hates hecklers. When a German one heckled him at a recent show it brought up so many interesting things! Watch the video to see this world class heckler take down. Beyond the traditional tension between Germans and

Elana and Jamie’s 8-Days of Jerusalem Donuts: Days 3-4 – Holy and Roladin

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You can tell now that Elana and Jamie are losing it. Barely halfway into their Hanukkah donut challenge, and already they are blending two days worth of donuts into one day – kind of like a lame reverse Hanukkah anti-miracle:

Jacob The Bar Mitzvah Boy Explains Hanukkah


Honestly? I love that there’s a recurring Jewish character on SNL other than Lorne Michaels, but the truth is, I kinda wanna kill that kid, what with his smug earnestness, Long Island accent and stupid jokes. But don’t tell my

Elana and Jamie’s 8-Days of Jerusalem Donuts: Day 2 – Ima’s Bakery

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This video is a mess. Is it possible that Elana and Jamie have already become donut addled? I’m pretty sure that’s the case, I mean who are those other people in the video? Why did they start off in a

Edible Menurkah for Thanksgivukkah? Thanks MatzoBall!


We need more edible Jewish ceremonial instruments, especially when what we’re celebrating lasts one day and will not happen again for nearly 80,000 years! MatzoBall Parties are synonymous with festive goodness – Happy Thanksgivukkah! Visit and get your tickets