The Double Date: S02 E03

The YidLife Crisis kids sure do get around! This episode takes place at Le Sushi in North Hollywood, CA. A recent Yelp! reviewer said of his visit there:

Had to knock off a couple stars for now. Visited this place recently and it was a whole different experience. Most notably, since my last visit they replaced the pleasant and professional American hostess/waitress with an unrefined Israeli hostess. She was deeply engaged checking Facebook or whatever when I arrived and she was too bothered to get up and come greet me (the place was empty at the time).

Yup. That’s the thing about Israeli hostesses. They’re either hot or they’ll work for cheap because they’re working illegally but they bring with them the customer service standards of their home country. Ma la’asot?

Alright, back to Jamie and Eli. How on earth did the two Jewish Montrealers end up on a blind double date (of sorts) with Mayim Bialik in suburban Hell-A?? I’m not telling you! Watch the video and find out. Just remember, Mayim flashed her cleavage at Piers Morgan not once but twice on The Late, Late Show with James Corden. SOo anything is possible!


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