Relapse: The Skinny Ep. 1

We’ve been keeping our eye on film maker Jessie Kahnweiller for a long time. Now she stars in a video series about her life. Remember how when you first came across Lena Dunham and she kind of made you cringe and you kind of liked it because life is often cringe-worthy? Well, Jessie’s got that cringe-factor in spades. I couldn’t stop watching.

This is the description of episode 1: “Things go awry after Jessie and her mother Jacqueling (Illeana Douglas) smother Cole, Jessie’s newly sober musician boyfriend, with a surprise ‘Welcome Back from Rehab’ party- and it’s not a dry one.”

Jew Content: Jessie wears a “Totes Kosh” t-shirt. Old guy gives Jessie some booze and says “Le Chaim!”

The Skinny is a new Refinery29 original series produced by WifeyTV and Emmy-Winning director, Jill Soloway, based on the true story of Jessie Kahnweiller. The series follows feminist wannabe YouTube comedy star, Jessie, as she struggles to live, love, and… get over her bulimia. On a mission to save the world and get rid of her love handles, Jessie demands honesty from everyone but herself. The Skinny is a new kind of dark comedy for those who know the most beautiful moments in life aren’t always so pretty.


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